More than 35 Years of Expert Knowledge

Quick & Associates is comprised of experts who are highly educated, trained and experienced in analyzing and evaluating the cause and origin of property damage, fires, explosions, accidents, incidents, failures, disputes and more.

About Us

Our team of engineers, scientists and technicians have specialized in the analysis of disasters, insurance claims, accidents and product failures for over 35 years. Quick & Associates offers a comprehensive array of consulting and forensic engineering services to the insurance industry, legal profession and general business community for technical assistance of claims and dispute resolution.


Quick & Associates works with you to provide an accurate assessment of damage and expert analysis of causation by properly documenting the accident site and collecting factual forensic evidence while maintaining constant communication. Our experienced forensic engineering team holds a wide range of technical expertise, including accident reconstruction, architectural and engineering design defects, construction defects, civil engineering, cost estimating, fire cause and origin, metallurgists, natural disaster damage evaluation, structural engineering, and more.

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Industries We Serve

Quick & Associates has an in-depth understanding of diverse business sectors. Our multi-disciplinary approach, combined with our experience with the technology and scientific principles that define these unique sectors, allows us to handle any aspect of an assignment.


Having been qualified as expert witnesses in thousands of cases, our staff of engineers, scientists, and technicians provide scientifically proven expert witness testimony and litigation support throughout all phases of litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Claims Professionals

Our staff provides forensic engineering and technical expertise to address the needs of insurance carriers, independent adjusters, and policyholders by determining the cause and origin and extent of limits of damage resulting from all perils.

Businesses & Institutions

Quick & Associates offers a variety of consulting and forensic engineering services that assists businesses and institutions in the event of disaster, failure, injury, and general liability.

Municipalities & Government

Our engineers serve the offices of risk management and legal departments of various municipalities and government organizations, by analyzing and determining the cause of property damage, personal injury, and various other aspects of general liability.

Areas We Serve

With current locations, as indicated, – and growing – Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. provides exceptional regional support.