Forensic Engineering & Failure Analysis

Since 1988, the team of engineers, scientists and technicians at Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. have specialized in the analysis of insurance claims, accidents, disasters, disputes and product failures.

Our expertise allows us to get to the root of your problem, to find out:

  • What caused the incident?
  • Is someone responsible?
  • Can future preventative measures be learned?
  • Can it be fixed?
  • What will be the cost?

If you find yourself in a situation requiring forensic assistance, our experts can help. We can investigate any situation—including fires, system failures, hazardous waste, assembly defects, equipment collisions, personal injuries and fatalities, as well as after-market modifications.

Our investigative teams have years of experience and resourceful subject knowledge, including:

  • Fire cause and origin
  • Electrical
  • Hazardous waste operations
  • Forensic toxicology and pathology
  • Civil engineers
  • Occupational safety
  • Structural
  • Mechanical

The best service for forensic engineering and failure analysis includes robust characteristics:

  • Cause and origin investigating
  • Quick response times
  • Honest, Reliable and Scientifically Proven testimony and reports
  • Professional and resourcefulness
  • Competent and complete investigations
  • Clear and credible communication

Keep in mind, forensic engineering failure analysis includes diverse types of systems to investigate—ranging from structural, mechanical and ergonomic, to pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic.

Most investigations typically involve a variety of allegations. To meet all expectations and responsibilities, get help from our professional experts who have seasoned experience in forensic investigation and failure analysis, strong educational backgrounds and a drive to not fall beneath our highest ethics. Our foundation is built on strength, determination, compassion, and integrity. We’re here to help you!

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