Building Consulting

Leonard C. Quick and Associates, Inc. building consulting service—in tandem with forensic engineering—is a full-proof dynamic duo to effectively be a part of new construction, repairs, damage assessment, litigation care, code compliances and more.

Our professionals are familiar with the necessary requirements to effectively fulfill the job at hand:

  • System and materials
  • Integration
  • Construction
  • Applications
  • Performance
  • Materials
  • Assembly

The importance of having such tools and knowledge is to be able to accurately assess damages. Assessments are done to investigate abnormal conditions that will either require repairs or total replacements.

Some services available for damage assessment include:

  • Mechanical
  • Architectural
  • Fire protection
  • Civil Engineering
  • Materials
  • Design
  • Electrical
  • Structural
  • Metallurgical
  • Paint and sealant

Additional building consulting services include:

  • Water mitigation: Addresses damages needing to be fixed as well as expert drying processes—including bill calculation, scheduling, duration and more.
  • Cost estimating: Experts in damage evaluation, bid comparisons, scope development, project control of damage repair and building upgrades, cost estimates and more.
  • Construction dispute resolution: Dispute resolution that determines between scope and costs, whether repair or replacements services will be needed and any negotiations involving warranties and contractors.
  • Appraisal: Appraisers skillfully generate estimates for reconciled and arbitrated losses that require contractor assistance for both residential and commercial circumstances.

Even if there is present issue demanding immediate service, it is always a wise choice to have your building regularly inspected for many reasons, including:

  • Make maintenance easier and stronger
  • Create durability for system replacements
  • Reduce the risk of failures both structural and non-structural
  • Ensure building is meeting set or required energy and heating goals

Please don’t misjudge the importance of considering how some materials and important components respond to weather and outside influences throughout a building’s life. No task is too big or small and no detail should be overlooked. At Leonard C. Quick and Associates, Inc. we pride ourselves on honest appraisals and our commitment to successfully complete the job above and beyond your expectations.

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