Electrical systems are at the heart of the modern world. As useful as electricity is, many electronic systems can malfunction, causing fires, explosions, personal injuries, and structural damage. Our engineers and forensic investigators are experts at analyzing the causes of serious electrical failures, fires and explosions. From checking defective components and examining installation methods to testing for accelerants and assessing contributing factors and circumstances, to providing options for mitigation of the damaged building components. We do it all. The experts at Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. can help you or your clients understand the cause of electrical incidents, help prevent them from reoccurring in the future, and provide the much needed mitigation options to help you restore your systems in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Electrical Injuries

Electrical injuries are very common among linemen, electricians and other employees who work on and around powerful electrical systems.

From electrocution to burns, it’s important to understand the cause of an electrical injury. Was the injury preventable? Was the injury caused by negligence of another involved party?

Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. can help you determine the contributing factors and causes of electrical injuries. We can detect if the incident was caused by insulation failure, dangerous arcing/flashover, noncompliance with Electrical Safety Codes & Standards and more.

Electrical Failures

The failure of a large-scale electrical service can have severe consequences. Power loss in a municipal or private grid can cause interrupted service for huge numbers of customers and businesses, and it may even result in life-threatening situations.

There are many factors involved in power failure. Each contributing factor—generators, transformers, power lines, circuit breakers and electrical control systems—must be analyzed to determine the root cause and prevent recurrence.

Choose Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. for your investigative needs. Our expert engineers have a vast experience with electrical systems and they can provide you, your agency or your clients with a detailed analysis of the electrical failures and provide repair and mitigation options to get you moving forward.


Critical failure of essential electronics can have serious ramifications for a home, business or organization. The most valuable electrical systems often work in the background and often go unnoticed. However, when these systems fail, you need an expert to investigate and determine the cause and origin of the electrical component failure.

Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. has a team of experienced electrical engineers who can help you understand electrical systems, analyze contributing factors to their failure and test equipment to determine the underlying cause.

Whether it’s an electrical breaker that malfunctioned in a home laundry room, or a semiconductor on a jet, Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. has the depth of knowledge and experience needed to investigate critical failure of electronic devices.


Complex electrical equipment is at the heart of almost everything in our modern world—manufacturers using specialized CAD/CAM tools, medical practices using advanced MRIs and imaging systems, and more. Electrical surges and failures can seriously damage this kind of valuable, fragile equipment.

Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. can help business owners, investigators and claims specialists understand the root causes of electrical equipment failure or damage — and we can provide detailed reports analyzing equipment failure and the appraisal of relevant systems.

You can trust us to deliver timely, accurate, and comprehensive information that will help you or your client resolve your equipment issue as soon as possible.

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