Workman’s Comp Services

Workplace safety is always of utmost importance. Protective measures are normally taken to enforce the highest employee safety standards but unfortunately, accidents do happen. When a workplace accident occurs, it is important to find out what happened and if something can prevent it from happening again.

We evaluate factors such as:

  • Employee safety training programs
  • State and federal workplace standards
  • Organization procedures
  • Human behavior
  • Code violations
  • Intentional acts
  • Facility maintenance
  • Internal policies
  • Ventilation
  • Workplace equipment and machinery
  • Improperly tagged systems
  • Status of protective equipment

Machine Guarding

When an employee suffers a severe injury from industrial machinery, it’s critical to investigate every circumstance surrounding the machine.

Machinery must be examined to ensure proper guarding, employees must be interviewed to determine if negligence or improper operation caused the incident and the work area must be analyzed for proper warnings and safety precautions—such as auto shut-off systems.

By examining the area where the employee’s injury took place, Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. can determine liability, recommend appropriate safety precautions and provide expert testimony in the courtroom. Contact us now to learn more about our professional machine guarding services.

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases can be deeply complex and caused by a variety of factors. Whether it’s a slip and fall on a wet floor, recreational vehicle accident, improperly guarded machinery or a defective tool, each case is unique.

At Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. our forensic engineers and accident reconstruction experts have decades of experience helping litigate personal injury cases. We can reconstruct particular incidents, examine the circumstances surrounding the injury and use advanced techniques to investigate faulty materials, tools machinery or vehicles that may have contributed.

With years of experience, reliable courtroom testimony and a dedication to client satisfaction, we’re a great choice to help you litigate a personal injury case!

Product Liability

Product liability cases are complex and varied. If a product fails and causes serious injury to persons or property, expert testimony may be required to determine how the product failed and who is responsible for the failure.

Quick & Associates’ forensic engineers can handle a wide variety of product liability cases. Whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant, we can help analyze and determine liability for incidents involving appliances, power tools, industrial equipment, automobiles and even electrical equipment.

You can trust us to investigate every incident thoroughly and to provide you with comprehensive reports detailing our findings. Contact us now!

The main concern is to verify the cause of injury is not life-threatening, permanent or intentionally caused. At Quick and Associates, our experts can support you by providing a skilled team qualified to investigate the toughest of workplace accidents and aid to continue providing safety. Our knowledge and work ethic can help speed the verdict and provide safety recommendations.

Safety/Workplace Safety

Whether your workplace has experienced an injury or death, or you’re looking to assess your overall level of workplace safety, Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. can assist you.

Our staff will examine a variety of factors related to workplace safety like machines operated, working conditions, training programs, adherence to federal and local workplace standards like OSHA, and more.

We can also identify areas of danger that may have been overlooked in your facility, such as poorly protected machines without proper machine guards and dangerous workplace practices, such as failing to properly de-energize and tag equipment that is undergoing maintenance.

Contact us now to learn more about our workplace safety services and make use of our expert safety investigators.

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