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Workman’s Comp Services

Workplace safety is always of utmost importance. Protective measures are normally taken to enforce the highest employee safety standards but unfortunately, accidents do happen. When a workplace accident occurs, it is important to find out what happened and if something can prevent it from happening again.

We evaluate factors such as:

  • Employee safety training programs
  • State and federal workplace standards
  • Organization procedures
  • Human behavior
  • Code violations
  • Intentional acts
  • Facility maintenance
  • Internal policies
  • Ventilation
  • Workplace equipment and machinery
  • Improperly tagged systems
  • Status of protective equipment

The main concern is to verify the cause of injury is not life-threatening, permanent or intentionally caused. At Quick and Associates, our experts can support you by providing a skilled team qualified to investigate the toughest of workplace accidents and aid to continue providing safety. Our knowledge and work ethic can help speed the verdict and provide safety recommendations.

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