Mechanical Failure Analysis

When heavy machinery fails, the results can be catastrophic. Industrial manufacturing equipment, construction equipment, jet engines and even machinery like elevators can all pose serious dangers when they fail — causing destruction of property, injury or even loss of life. Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. uses a specialized, science-based approach to identify the cause of mechanical failure, determine liability and recommend your next steps toward preventing future failures and resolving your current issue. Whether you’re a lawyer, insurance adjuster or a government agency, we can provide you with informed, expert analysis.


HVAC failures can be expensive and cause significant business interruption, while boiler failures are extremely dangerous and often result in serious property damage, injury or death.

HVAC and boiler systems are very complex, and they require detailed analysis to reveal the source of the critical system failure. The entire system must be evaluated, maintenance and service records must be examined. The cause of the incident must be determined—whether it’s negligence, error or design failure.

At Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. we will help you and your clients identify the responsible parties, provide estimates to insurers and aid contractors in understanding how to restore your HVAC/Boiler systems to functionality after failure.

Product Design

When products fail, it could be due to a defect in design, materials, production or even something as simple as shipping.

Because of this, it’s important to hire a professional forensic engineering firm like Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. to examine product failure and determine the true cause of the problem. With material analysis, manufacturer investigations and structural strength testing, we can help you understand why your product has failed.

Product design failure analysis isn’t just important for litigation, but also for preventing recurrence of similar product design issues. Trust us to deliver great results and identify the true cause of a product design failure.


Fires, mechanical failures and electrical incidents can be incredibly costly for modern manufacturing centers. The deep and complex proprietary design of manufacturing facilities can make it difficult to determine the cause of a manufacturing failure.

A forensic engineering firm is required to analyze each piece of equipment that may have contributed to the incident. This is especially critical if a manufacturing failure results in the injury or death of a worker. Legal liability must be determined, and issues like risk or accident mitigation must be addressed.

Whether you’re a lawyer, insurer or business owner, Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. can help you understand the cause of failure, determine liability, and prevent future incidents.

Materials Failure

When it occurs on a large scale, a materials failure can be absolutely catastrophic. In construction, for example, materials failure caused by a faulty shipment of concrete or steel can result in complete work stoppage—or even a fatal accident.

At Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. we are the experts in analyzing materials failure in wood, concrete, metals, and just about every other building material. With advanced tools available, we can take a deep look at faulty materials. We’ll determine who is responsible for materials failure due to corrosion, fatigue, or poor quality/defective products.

You can trust our staff to identify the responsible party and issue a full report regarding the entire incident.

Vehicle Accident

Commercial and private vehicle accidents can result in serious property damage, bodily injury, and even loss of life. Because of this, it’s critical to determine liability and any possible negligence that may have occurred to cause or aid in the accident.

Our vehicle accident reconstruction services can help you identify contributing factors to a vehicle accident and determine liability. We can ascertain if vehicles were being operated at excessive speed, if proper safety precautions were taken and whether drivers had enough time to take appropriate evasive maneuvers.

Vehicle Accident

Our services are second-to-none. Our professional analysis and expert witness testimony make us the best choice for insurance adjusters and personal injury lawyers alike.

Cranes & Construction Accidents

When cranes and other heavy-duty construction equipment fail on the job, the consequences can be devastating. According to the CPWR, construction accidents involving heavy machinery are responsible for thousands of injuries and approximately 404 fatalities each year.

Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. professional forensic engineering services can help determine the cause of equipment failure. Our engineers examine factors like operator negligence, improper vehicle assembly or use, structural problems and electrical malfunctions to verify liability, in order to determine the underlying cause of failure, determine the responsible party and prevent future incidents.

Rotating Machinery

Turbines, jet engines and other delicate rotating machinery are common in numerous industries, such as aerospace, heavy construction, mining and power generation.

Rotating machinery failure can have devastating financial consequences in addition to the physical damage that may be caused, as well.

Whether it’s due to improper operation, excessive vibration, support system failure or material fatigue, our engineers will analyze your rotating machinery to understand and properly identify the cause of failure. You can trust Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. to provide comprehensive, informed analysis and administer all the information you need for liability and legal purposes.

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