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Founded in 1988, Leonard C. Quick and Associates was formed after our president, Leonard C. Quick, instinctively identified a need for premium-quality forensic engineering services in the area. Since then, we have dynamically evolved from a one-man operation that focused solely on Louisiana to a formidable firm of skilled professionals that tackles forensic engineering demands across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri.

At Leonard C. Quick and Associates, we make each and every claim a priority. What’s more, our team of engineers, scientists and technicians have evolved along with the company to specialize in the analysis of accidents, disasters and product failures—ultimately enabling us to seek out the root of a problem and determine the cause and scope of incidents, responsible parties, future preventative measures, solutions and costs incurred.

Through our company’s evolution, our experts have garnered the skills to investigate a plethora of scenarios—from fires and system failures to hazardous waste, assembly defects, equipment collisions, personal injuries and fatalities and even aftermarket modification issues. Boasting years of experience and resourceful know-how, our investigative teams examine everything from fire origins and electrical mishaps to forensic toxicology and pathology, civil engineering, occupational safety and structural and mechanical analysis.

Our multidisciplinary focus allows us to tailor technical consulting services to each unique project that we encounter. The bottom line is that Leonard C. Quick and Associates is not your average forensic consulting and engineering firm. Born from the true spirit of entrepreneurship, we embrace innovation and the opportunity to provide excellent service in all that we do, as well as the opportunity to interact with and assist each of our clients—regardless of the size or complexity of their project. Ultimately, we remain as unique as the organizations we serve.

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