Forensic Engineering & Failure Analysis

Since 1988, the team of engineers, scientists and technicians at Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. have specialized in the analysis of accidents, disasters and product failures.

Building Consulting

Leonard C. Quick and Associates, Inc. building consulting service—in tandem with forensic engineering—is a full-proof dynamic duo to effectively be a part of new construction, repairs, damage assessment, litigation care, code compliances and more.

Materials Failure Analysis

Failure can occur across a variety of materials like ceramics, wood, metal, composites, concrete, and more. Understanding the cause of material failure requires expertise and often times advanced technology, like X-ray spectroscopy and electron microscopes.

Forensic Surveying

When there is a dispute or a litigious situation, the solution is often found through the steady service of a forensic survey.

Mechanical Failure Analysis

When heavy machinery fails, the results can be catastrophic. Industrial manufacturing equipment, construction equipment, jet engines and even machinery like elevators can all pose serious dangers when they fail…

Workman’s Comp Services

Workplace safety is always of utmost importance. Protective measures are normally taken to enforce the highest employee safety standards but unfortunately, accidents do happen.

Fire and Explosion Investigation

We strive to ensure that every investigation is handled professionally, compassionately and with complete dedication.

Equipment Restoration

Cleaning and restoring equipment is important to ensure the equipment still holds up and can provide quality results.