Materials Failure Analysis

Failure can occur across a variety of materials like ceramics, wood, metal, composites, concrete, and more. Understanding the cause of material failure requires expertise and often times advanced technology, like X-ray spectroscopy and electron microscopes.

Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. uses cutting-edge techniques to analyze material failures and products. These techniques allow us to fully understand the failure and determine its root cause of failure.

Whether material failure is due to faulty materials, excessive corrosion, improper installation, or high levels of fatigue, our expert forensic engineers can help you understand why a product or material has failed.

You can trust us to deliver a professional, expert materials failure analysis, which can help you determine liability, loss and potential legal action.

Materials Failure

Corrosion, Defective Materials, Fatigue

Material failure is typically caused by corrosion, defective materials or excessive fatigue. Understanding why materials have failed is critical for determining liability and preventing recurrence of system failure.

At Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. we analyze each of the factors that lead to material failures. We examine chemical and water-based corrosion, defective materials with improper composition and fatigued metals and alloys.

Get in touch with us now. We can help you determine liability, understand why a component has failed, and provide you with detailed reports about the relevant incident.

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