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For over three decades, our team of scientists, engineers and technicians has specialized in assessing and analyzing accidents, disasters and product failures. As such, our team of technical and forensic engineering experts can help you to address the needs of your policyholder, independent adjusters and insurance carriers in order to determine the cause and origin and extent and limits of the damage resulting from various causes of loss, such as:

CatastrophesDaily Claims

At Leonard C. Quick and Associates, Inc. we understand that your need is not just about saving money, but also fast-tracking claims, serving the insured and ultimately reducing uncertainties. This is why we provide you with accurate, timely and reliable information that will help you address the insurers’ and policyholders’ needs.

Our forensic engineers have extensive experience in damage investigation, analysis and determination of the respective cause of loss and extent and limits of damage, so that a determination as to whether or not coverage is applicable can be made. Our qualified engineers also provide the required scope of repair and restoration of the insured risk so that an accurate cost estimate can be prepared for insurance claims that arise from wind, flood, hail events, fire damage, structural defects, product failure, vehicle collisions, construction and engineering design defects.

We accommodate a wide client base of insurance carriers, their independent adjusters, third party administrators, and attorneys  who work with them. Some of the clients that we serve include, but are not limited to:

  • Claims Examiners
  • Independent Adjusters
  • Managing General Adjusters
  • In House Counsel
  • Large Loss Executives
  • Vice President of Claims

Leonard C. Quick and Associates can help you in the following ways:

  • Determining the cause of loss
  • Determine the extents and limits of damage
  • Identify the required scope of repair and restoration of the insured property
  • Provide detailed and line item cost estimates for required repairs

Our team leverages their experience with both scientific and technical principles to determine the cause, origin and the extent of damages caused by natural disasters, structural failures and other construction-related failures in order to address your needs in a professional and timely manner so that down time and business interruption can be minimized.

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