Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. specializes in the investigation of complex, multidisciplinary structural failures and other civil accidents. With a variety of forensic engineers that work across numerous disciplines, Quick & Associates offers fast, efficient failure analysis. We provide you with comprehensive engineering reports and we determine the scope, cause and effects of civil/structural failures. From construction and design defects to building damage assessments, loss evaluations, soils analyses, and much more, Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. is an ideal choice for  insurance claims professionals, attorneys and government agencies alike.

Civil/Structural Failures

Regardless of the size or cause of the loss, the services of a qualified civil and/or structural forensic engineer is more often than not required to determine the extent and limits of property damage. Proper precautions must be taken to understand the cause of failure and to investigate relevant technical issues. At Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc., we offer professional investigative services that can help you understand the cause of a civil/structural failure.

Determining the cause and origin of a structural failure can be a very complex and time consuming process. From understanding soil conditions to analyzing weather-related complications, vibrations and construction errors, every potential contributing factor must be understood in order to determine the cause of failure. By examining the structural evidence, circumstances and sources of the failure, we’re able to efficiently assess the entire structure and determine the primary cause of it. After our analysis, you’ll receive a comprehensive report in which the results of our investigation are explained to both you and your clients in a clear, easy-to-understand format.

At Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc., our team of interdisciplinary structural engineers can provide you with a scientifically proven determination of the cause of the structural failure. We analyze all facets of the structure and identify all the contributing factors that resulted in the failure.

You can trust us to supply you with a straightforward, clear analysis of the situation, and we will quickly identify the cause or causes and origin of the structural failure.

Concrete Failures

Concrete failure can range in size, scope and severity. From a simple cracked roadway to a broken load-bearing concrete pillar, there are many reasons why concrete can fail. This can have serious, damaging consequences.

At Quick & Associates we’re experts at understanding these costly concrete failures. Our professional forensic engineers leave no stone unturned. We examine soil conditions, analyze pre- and post-construction environments and practices, investigate the type of concrete material used and much more.

If you need to understand the cause of concrete failure in a commercial or municipal environment, turn to the professionals at Quick & Associates.

Soils and Geotechnical Engineering

Soil science is a deeply complex field. The vastly experienced team of forensic engineers at Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc., analyzes the soil types, grading techniques, soil compaction, ground water drawdown, shrink/swell potential, construction defects, design defects and foundations systems in order to determine what effects they had in relation to the structural failure. Quick & Associates thoroughly analyzes and evaluates the geotechnical evidence and structural evidence to accurately determine the root cause of soil related structural failures.

You can trust the experts at Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc., to provide expert, accurate and reliable services and get to the bottom of soil failure. We’ll examine every angle and potential cause and we’ll provide you and your clients with a simple and clear report detailing our findings.


To assess the true cause of building infrastructure loss, an engineer must be experienced in determining and properly identifying the relationships that different systems within the infrastructure have with each other. How these systems interconnect and communicate can play a major factor in the extent of damage caused.

For example, a severe boiler explosion could be caused by a stuck valve that has not been properly serviced, but if the alarm system also had a failure and did not alert the operator, additional damage could be caused as a result. The alarm system, if operating properly, would have alerted the operator of overpressure. The operator would have activated the secondary pressure relief system and possibly saved further damage. Without proper investigation by forensic engineers, contributing factors such as the alarm system may go unidentified, resulting in a long claims process and legal difficulties. Maintenance and service records must be analyzed to help determine the root cause of failure and to detect if there were any circumstances that contributed to the severity of the incident.

At Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc., we examine every system present in the buildings infrastructure and provide you with clear answers that can help in the claims, investigative and legal processes.

Storm Damage

For proper evaluation of storm damage for legal and insurance-related applications, Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. is the best choice.

Our engineers have years of experience analyzing damage to roofs, foundations, exterior walls,  entire structures and various other building components from hurricanes, hail storms, severe lightning storms, tornadoes, floods, wind damage vs. flood damage and more.

We specialize in assisting in loss evaluation after major storms, evaluating repair and repair/replacement options and ensuring that all involved parties are provided with a clear, honest analysis of property conditions and the factors from the event that caused the damage to occur.

When the clouds clear and the dust settles, trust the expert engineers at Leonard C. Quick & Associates, Inc. to help you resolve storm damage claims quickly.

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