At Quick and Associates, we are a team of highly experienced and qualified engineers, scientists, and technicians with years of experience in analyzing disasters, product failures and accidents. We offer a variety of services ranging from forensic engineering, accident reconstruction and damage cost estimating to the insurance defense and legal industry. Our team is made up of experts who can provide scientifically proven expert witness testimonies and litigation support throughout all phases including but not limited to deposition, mediation, arbitration, and trial. Leonard C. Quick and Associates, Inc. provides support to attorneys by swiftly identifying and explaining various technical issues at the heart of a litigation dispute.

Our team of engineers has many years of experience of working with insurance defense law firms as well as individual, corporate and industrial entities on a broad variety of litigation disputes including:

  • Analyzing the cause and origin of property damage
  • Fire damage cause and origin
  • Structural failure
  • Mechanical failure
  • Material failure

Our team strives to provide the most accurate evaluation of damage and expert analysis of causation by collecting and accurately documenting forensic evidence while maintaining constant communication.

You can get assistance from our forensic experts in settling disputes that arise from:

  • Storm and flood damage analysis
  • Automobile accident reconstruction
  • Construction accident evaluation
  • Architectural design defects
  • Structural engineering
  • Cost estimation

Moreover, you can experience our services of helping litigation professionals with expert witness testimony, litigation assistance and technical advice for incidents such as:

  • Fire cause and origin analysis
  • Construction defect analysis
  • Personal injury
  • Vehicle accident reconstruction analysis
  • Structural failures analysis

It is no doubt that litigation and dispute resolution processes are characterized by challenges and uncertainties. However, a qualified and experienced expert witness, such as Quick & Associates, can help your attorney overcome these challenges by equipping them with the accurate and timely information they need. Leonard C. Quick and Associates, Inc. provides attorneys with the technical information required to solve disputes revolving around the cause and origin of damage resulting from various causes of loss.

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