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Municipalities and Government Agencies

Governments and Municipalities derive their mandate from the need to deliver services to citizens, meaning that they have to oversee the delivery of medical services, education and security, among other vital services. The delivery of these services, however, may face challenges including tragic incidents such as floods, fire, explosions and structural failures. Leonard C. Quick and Associates, Inc. is here to assist government and municipal agencies in solving these unprecedented issues. Our well-trained and qualified scientists, technicians and forensic engineers are ready to work with legal and risk management departments of government organizations and municipalities to harmonize working plans for dealing with calamities. Our focus is on the causes and origin of damage to both public and private property. We also look at underlying issues on aspects of the general liability.

Services offered to Governments and Municipalities

For catastrophes, we will help to ascertain the causes of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods. We can also help identify the way forward in terms of mitigating future incidents. Our experience team is committed to examining the scene and reporting any and all findings in an efficient and effective manner.

Leonard C. Quick and Associates will also help you in investigating and analyzing fraud in various sectors, ministries and government departments. Our forensic experts trained on financial accounting will analyze the books of accounts and give in-depth reports of any potential issues.

For municipalities, collecting revenues from businesses may be a hard task. The difficulties mostly emerge if tax evasion and illegal business operations are present. At Leonard C. Quick and Associates, we will investigate businesses on behalf of law enhancement officers, bringing accountability back into the business environment.

We are committed to helping government agencies quickly identify the best solutions when tragedies occur. Call 877.224.4500 to learn more or use the form below to submit an assignment.

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